Battlefield: Vietnam

First-person shooter game that’s based on the Vietnam Conflict


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  • Category Various Utilities
  • License Free
  • Version Patch 1.2
  • Size 310.19 MB
  • Works under Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98
  • Language English

Prepare to do Battle in Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam is a new spin on the game Battlefield 1942. Fans of the original game are sure to be excited by the chance to enjoy a new take on this action shooter game. But is this release to similar to the original? Read on to find out.

The game is packed full of things that are sure to stir the soul of any action game enthusiast. Helicopters, booby traps and napalm are all present and players even have the chance to create their own spawn points. The game relies on strategy just as much as shooting and there are plenty of explosions to light up the scenery and reveal it in all its detailed glory.

Fans of the Vietnam war will probably find that the storyline is a bit lacking. However, the great game play and graphics more than make up for this downfall and there is plenty for players to do in the game. Whether you are the sort of person who prefers to hide in the foliage while you take stock of the situation or charge right in and simply see what happens, all the bases are covered here.

In addition to simply running and shooting, there are lots of different vehicles for players to make use of. These vehicles are very well reproduced and come complete with great sound effects that add an extra dose of realism and excitement to the experience of driving along bumpy paths and tracks.

The enemy is intelligent and will really keep players on their toes. The missions are varied and detailed and come in several parts to give players a sense of achievement as they complete one part of the objective and make their way onto the next. incentives come in the form of rewards that help to spur players ever onwards.

On the whole, Battlefield Vietnam is not really very different to Battlefield 1942. However, for fans of this genre that is not necessarily a bad thing. The large choice of weapons and vehicles makes up for the lack of story and players will be able to have hours of fun exploring the huge and very detailed game world.


  • The graphics are great
  • The sound effects and music are engaging
  • A large, detailed world to play in
  • Realistic weapons and vehicles


  • The story leaves a lot to be desired
  • The single player mode is rather uninspired
  • The game features a few bugs
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